10 Steps to Preparing Your Home of Sale

  1. Make a list of major and minor repairs needed pretending you are a buyer for your home. Fix the ones you can like loose faucets, leaky plumbing or roof and re-caulking the bathrooms.
  2. Create a budget what funds are available to do your projects and repairs.
  3. Find a local Realtor who is familiar with your neighborhood with enough knowledge of the present demand. A Realtor can give you tips on what projects and repairs are worthwhile to do based on how soon you have to sell and what budget you have.
  4. Get a home, termite and roof inspection. This will give you an idea what to prioritize.
  5. Find out what is the recent sales price of homes like yours have sold. Remember, not all major upgrades pays off when you sell.
  6. Talk to all your lenders and ask how much is your loan “pay off” on all your loans against the house. Did you have your loan modified?
  7. Start decluttering your home. Donate, throw away, or sell whatever you will not take to your new place. This will simplify when you are moving and will save you on your moving expense. Not to count, being overwhelmed!
  8. Research where you will move. Your Realtor can give you resources where you can best leverage your proceeds like moving to a location that may use Prop. 60/90 and carry over your low property tax rate or the advantage of the Reverse Mortgage if you are over 62 years old.
  9. Consider hiring a professional stager who can bring newer, updated furnishings to give it a fresh look.
  10. Start packing and organize your schedule for easy showings.

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