Retire in Style $100/day

  1. Make a plan where you want to retire and your kind of lifestyle. Philippines is one destination where a couple can live comfortable with this budget.
  2. For a $3000 monthly allowance, $1000 rent a nice 2-3 bedroom home. Have a house keeper, a private driver and cover all utilities.
  3. For a couple, $1000 per month can be allotted for food, transportation and medical bills.
  4. Most people who retire in this country will opt to open a business by the coastal beaches running a restaurant, sharing a skill or selling items they produce.
  5. Traveling in the US and other countries is very typical for retirees since they still have residual income left from their monthly pension.
  6. It is highly recommended to visit your choice of retirement place and live there for several months at a time at different seasons to acquaint with the environment and the climate before making the big move.
  7. There are other countries in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe that this budget can work. However, it is highly recommendable that where ever you decide to retire, it is best to live and check the lifestyle and cost of living and the local government systems before making the big investment of moving.
  8. If you decide to retire closer to home, there are other considerations to fit your budget such as living with friends and family as shared housing. Living with others and swapping skills and resources. With the high cost of living, group homes are in.
  9. However you choose, it is good to plan ahead and figure out what is the best choice for you.
  10. Living with your kids is getting to be more popular practice now. There is a predominance of 2 to 3 generations living in one home especially in the Bay Area. Each generation has something to contribute if pre-arranged.

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