10 Tips for Downsizing for the Baby Boomers (When it is time to move to a smaller suitable place)

  1. Decide your timeline and destination
  2. Make an inventory of household items to give to families, sell or donate. Avail of yearly free clean up offered by your local garbage collector.
  3. Create a master list of items to sell, give away or donate.
  4. Assess the home (hire an independent appraiser or professional Realtor to check the market value). It is advisable to order a termite and home inspection who can give you an unbiased report of the condition of the home.
  5. Estimate cost of repairs and possible upgrades that can increase the value and appeal. This is for your information only and you may or may not decide to do any of this depending on the market demand and your timeline.
  6. Declutter, clean and increase curb appeal of the home. First impression makes a big impact.
  7. Pack seasonal and barely used items that you plan to take with you.
  8. Check city, county or government programs and incentives for the seniors such as Prop. 60/90 to save on property taxes, reverse mortgage as a purchase to eliminate housing payments on the next home.
  9. Check out 55+ Active Adult Living Communities that are well designed for the aging adults who wants to live on a simpler better cash flow lifestyle.
  10. Travel to the next place you want to move and spend some months there to make sure it is the right place for you based on your lifestyle.

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