7 Steps to Retire in Style investing in Real Estate

STEP 1 Invest Leveraging on Present Asset, Time and Position, Now.

Make an inventory of how much equity you have in real estate, savings, liquid assets, etc. Compare refinance or cash out options, consolidate present bills and lower monthly bills. Leverage on Reverse Mortgage, 1031 Exchange, Prop 60/90 and, home improvement loans like FHA203b. Contact me to learn more. Review how much in 401K, stocks and options do you have from all your past and present jobs. Consolidate and use SDI(Self Directed IRA) to invest on properties. Become a Private Lender for real estate investors Cash out on a Retirement Package so you can easily and without stress, invest in a new passion? Find out how. The earlier you begin, the more fun and less stress you will have.

Step 2. Determine Your Options – How, where and what do you want to do in the next 20 years

Stay put and baby sit grand kids part of the time. Travel and be a missionary. Discover how Medical Mission participants learn local investing in the Philippines. Start a new career and live your passion. How to own rental properties in the Philippines Find out how to be an expat and live in the Philippines almost for free Simply live your golden years in your present community? How to buy and flip homes while enjoying retirement around friends and family. Learn about REI clubs and become an investor.

Step 3 Describe Your “Retire in Style”

Live as a missionary – Find out how others find new life building an orphanage in the Philippines. Find out how to live as an expat and get free food and lodging. What are the pros and cons of living in several places in US and Asia? Find the best places to retire. Live and travel with close friends and family using monthly income from RE investments? 1031 exchange can help grow your portfolio, we can show you how. Live minimally and write my story?

Step 4: Find out your cost of living

How much does it cost to keep my home and live independently? Analyze own vs rent as a retiree. Locally or in the Philippines. Find out the value of pesos vs. your social security dollars. How much it costs to live outside the US like the Philippines as a couple? How to apply for a visa and senior card privileges. Health insurance etc. outside the United States. How to buy a condo or home and experience urban living in the Philippines partially or full time.

Step 5. Travel to Check Out Your Destination and Retirement Lifestyle

If you plan to live differently, now is the best time to check out, mingle and join groups to check & experience the nostalgia. Join our meetups to mix and mingle with other Filipinos and Americans living full time and part time in the Philippines. Plan to join medical missions and group destinations with local groups like Lions Clubs and Medical Societies.

Step 6. Live the Dream Now !!!

Prepare, Research and Just Do It!

The journey begins with the first step – deciding to do it.

Step 7. Work with an Experienced International Certified Realtor and Team of Professionals

How to buy real estate wisely as a fixer, flipper or developer/investor Partnering and meeting with local investors and distinguished international developers. Learn what it takes to invest and retire in the Philippines with the right communities and agencies. Learn the truth: How local Realtors partner and work with active Certified international Property specialists around the world in exploring other retirement communities.

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