Maria Wanted 2br Condo

Maria is a registered nurse who with a 9 year old son. Her Mom and Dad lives with her on a 2 bedroom apartment in Fremont renting for $2,100/month. She was given a letter before her lease expired to an increase to $2,600. With her as the sole income earner, she only had $40,000 budget to purchase a 2 bedroom condo. After making several offers, she realized that her budget of $350,000 we could not find a...

Maria Saved $26,200 on Her First Home Purchase

Maria is a Registered Nurse with a 9 year old son who was renting and working in Fremont. Her Mom and Dad lives with her too.  Her husband is also an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) but in Singapore. She was referred to me as a First Time Home Buyer by her nurse associate and past client. Her lease contract was expiring and renewal for another year will increase $500 more. She wanted to have a 2-3...

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